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At MacroCrowd, we present institutional quality properties. You will be able to view each property and developer details, operating documents and project financials. Furthermore, Non-U.S citizens can invest as well. Feel free to give us a call at 1 (844) 622-7693, or chat with one of our representatives if you have any questions.


MacroCrowd specializes in preferred equity investments, where investors receive a large share of the deal’s profits, including the first, “preferred” profits. Each real estate investment is tied to a real estate company that deals with the hassles of the day to day operations. Click on the Sign up button, and answer the required questions to join our platform.

How it works in 5 simple steps
How MacroCrowd works.

1. Create an account.

Membership is free and gives you insider access to invest in real estate that is pre-screened by the MacroCrowd team. You will also benefit from low minimums, starting at $5,000, compared to $50k - $100k for traditional real estate investments. MacroCrowd is currently open to accredited and international investors.

2. Select a property.

Members of MacroCrowd can browse the properties and learn more about specific investments. For every opportunity, there is detailed information including estimated length of the investment, estimated annual return, property and location information.

3. Finalize your investment.

Once you decide which property you are interested in, you can easily and securely sign legal paperwork online and submit payment for your investment via check, or wire. MacroCrowd may also request additional information to verify that you are an accredited investor.

4. Wait for the funding process to be complete.

In order to finalize your investment, the full amount for the property investment must be reached. MacroCrowd will keep you up to date via email and your investor dashboard. In the event the investment is oversubscribed, the first investors who have funded their portion of the investment will have preference.

5a. If the funds goals are reached.

You are officially an investor and can expect to receive frequent updates and your share of cash distributions. You will also have access to your investor dashboard to watch how your money is working for you and receive exclusive invites to MacroCrowd events.

5b. If the funds goals are not reached.

100% of your money will be returned to you with no fees or hidden charges.

Due Diligence
Our properties get vetted prior to being listed on MacroCrowd.

Detailed inspection of fundamentals such as the business plan, where, for what purpose, what’s in the title report, zoning, architectural plans, etc.?


Analysis of the macro-environment as it relates to a project’s opportunities and risks. Appraisals, property price comparables, overview, and market demographics.


Detailed inquiry into the experience and track record of the management team. Background checks, financial statements, and competency are just some of the factors we take into account.


Project capitalization structure (sources and uses) and repayment.  Legal and security structure, rights, responsibilities, and remedies.  Making sure everything is in good standing.

How MacroCrowd is changing the face of investing forever.
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Frequently Asked Questions.
How does MacroCrowd work?

MacroCrowd is a private, secure and uncomplicated way for qualified investors to discover, analyze review and invest in commercial real estate. MacroCrowd brings rigorously-vetted real estate properties to potential investors, along with the ability to appraise details of the property, review legal documentation and perform other forms of due diligence. MacroCrowd lets you make knowledgeable investment decisions on a virtually limitless platform of financial opportunity.

What types of investments does MacroCrowd offer?

MacroCrowd makes investments in development, hotels, multifamily housing, retail stores, office buildings, and industrial properties available to you. These arrangements leverage the micro-market know-how of our partners and their ability to create substantial deal flow.

What do I own when I invest through MacroCrowd?

Our investments are units of a limited liability company (LLC). Each property offered includes a single purpose formed solely for the ownership and operation of that asset. LLCs are often the ideal method for real estate ownership since they bring investors the advantage of limited financial exposure. They also offer pass through taxation status and are reasonably flexible in the event that liquidation of ownership becomes necessary.

What methods of screening investments does MacroCrowd employ?

We pre-screen all of our operators to make certain that all offering on our platform are legitimate. We insist that all offerings include a considerable amount of information to make all purchase decisions informed ones. In addition, we require all operators to presents all risks, as well as opportunities, for all investments.

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